We  make our products as simple to use as possible – staying true to our name.  All of our products are the result of frustrations encountered using other rigs and refinements made to simplify the process.  Should you need help getting started or run into problems, please have a look at our tutorials and product documentation.  Should you have any questions or need help getting started or using our products, contact us any time for personal assistance.

Our tutorials are a work in progress – those with active links are complete but subject to revision

Getting started with 360 video – VR 101

360 Stitching Software – choice, basic usage and tips

360 Rig choice – considerations when selecting a rig

360 Cameras vs 360 Rigs – why not use a simpler, cheaper single camera?

Stereoscopic (3D) filming

Underwater considerations

Virtual Tours

Sharing 360 Content on the Web and Social Media

Rendering a 360 Panorama as a Skybox (background) in Unity

Viewing 360 content in a HMD (VR headset)

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