Guide to Selecting a 360 Rig

A quick list of potential considerations:

  • Ease of camera installation/removal
    • This depends on how the cameras are mounted and how much space is available around them
    • SVR-QD06 is waterproof-capable, but when used with frame-style mounts the cameras can be removed without even loosening the thumbscrews.
    • Because the Ultra360‘s backplates are fixed to the rig, the individual waterproof housings can be quickly opened and cameras removed.
  • Ease of access to SD cards, USB/HDMI ports, etc
    • SVR-QD06 is the best in this regard, when used with frame-style camera housings.  There is rarely a need to remove a camera from the rig as all ports can be accessed with the camera mounted.
    • SVR-206D and variants can similarly be used with frame-type or open mounts
    • The Ultra360 requires the cameras to be removed for access, but makes this extremely simple.
  • Ease of access to control buttons
    • All of our rigs are designed for easy access to your camera controls.  If using GoPro cameras, we *highly* suggest using this Smart Remote which makes it rare to need to touch the buttons on your cameras and allows them to be easily started and stopped using a single button.
  • Waterproof capability (or weather/dust resistance)
    • Consider how and where your rig will be used, and how important water and dust protection will be
    • Most of our mounts are designed to be flexible, allowing you to use either frame type housings or the camera manufacturer’s waterproof housings.  Some do require one or the other housing type.
  • Mounting options
  • Cable routing (if required, such as for live streaming)