12-Camera GoPro Hero4 Case


Securely store and carry up to 12 Hero4 cameras while keeping them organized and protected, yet quick and easy to access.

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This is our new 12-camera case for the GoPro Hero4.

If you haul around a number of these cameras for VR production you have probably noticed that there isn’t a very convenient way to store and organize them without leaving them in a rig all the time.  Here’s the solution.

Perfect for 2 sets of cameras for 2 of our 6-camera rigs (which was the motivation for the design through our own use), as well as our soon-to-be-released 10-camera rig.  Allows the cameras to be securely stored in an organized manner, in a small amount of space.  Easy to slip into a backpack with the rest of your gear.

Top flap has an accessory pocket that we used to keep a ziploc bag of batteries in – we are putting the finishing touches on a 12-battery tray that will be available separately which nicely slides into this pocket.