1/4″-20 F-F Adapter


Female-Female gender adapter

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1/4″-20 thread, Female-Female adapter.  3″ Length, 1″ Diameter.  Female to Female meaning each end has female threads.

Also commonly referred to as a “gender changer”, “gender adapter”, or “gender bender”.

Used when you have a male thread but need a female. For example, photography light stands typically have a 1/4-20 male stud at the top.  We have a set of halogen lights for working outdoors that also have a male 1/4-20 thread.  The lights themselves are great, but the stand is cheap/broken and only a few feet tall.  We use this to mount the halogens to a photography light stand that is much sturdier and taller.  This has a very wide variety of other uses as well.

Length is 3″, diameter is 1″.  Custom sizes are available, contact us before ordering.

Threads are in brass, body is made of durable ABS plastic.