SVR-206D w/ 6 GoPro Hero4 Frames or Housings


Our original 6-camera mount, modified to open up for easier access

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First, We took the classic SVR-206, sliced it in half and added a hinge.  The rig closes using a common action camera M5-threaded thumbscrew (included).

We then enlarged it a little bit to make it easier to access the camera housings and hardware, and added an integrated tool holder as a bonus!  To unscrew your cameras, simply open the rig, pop out the *INCLUDED* hex key, and go to work.  The perfectly-aligned tool holes make this super easy.

This refinement of the SVR206/B moves the position of the latch thumbscrew upward, making it easier to operate the screw.


Built for extreme durability.  Simple and beefy – mount it on top of a car, sling it over the side of a cliff on a rope, it can take whatever you can dish out.  Your cameras will likely break before this rig will.

Integrated prong mounts all you to connect your camera housings – whether waterproof or frame type – using the *INCLUDED* stainless hardware (including stainless machine screws and nyloc nuts).  We even include the hex key (Allen wrench) to make it extra simple.

Since this uses housings designed for your cameras, you’ve got the flexibility to choose whether you want waterproof toughness or convenience of the basic Yi mount or GoPro frame.

The skeleton design allows for easy management of cables using zip ties if you are live streaming and running power/HDMI to this mount.

Please specify whether you would like waterproof housings or frame style housings.  We will contact you before shipping if you do not specify.

This product IS compatible with the larger, 60m dive housings.




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