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The perfect ruggedized rig, extremely versatile and unmatched toughness.  Easy camera access, static camera alignment, and no adhesives used.

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Our newest rig and the one we recommend before any other – this is the one.

Waterproof – using the manufacturer’s camera housings.  Extremely quick and simple to remove cameras to swap batteries, charge, copy data etc.

NO ADHESIVES HERE – backplates are attached using stainless steel hardware.  Extremely rugged and durable.  No worries when tossing it into your truck or in a backpack, 4wheeler, boat, it can take it all.

Due to the way the housings hinge on the backplates, it is very easy to pop the cameras out.

No worries about position changing due to adhesives like some other mounts use (nevermind the chance of losing cameras…)  – this mount is rock solid and ready for whatever challenge you can throw at it.

Templates are available for Kolor, and Videostitch/PTGui.  Of course you probably don’t need them and know the pitfalls of using predefined templates to stitch, but we are here to help.

This rig has 1/4-20 inserts on all 8 corners.  When mounted in a vulnerable location (top of a vehicle) we like to add an eye bolt and a wire rope to ensure the rig and cams are not lost should it come loose from its mount.  We haven’t had that happen, but you can’t put a price on peace of mind.  Speaking of – this rig uses standard GoPro waterproof housings.  If you trust the manufacturer’s design, you can trust this rig.  And it doesn’t just fit GoPros – it also fits SJCam SJ4000 and similar cameras that happen to use the same size backplates as the GoPro Hero4.

The SVR-QD06 is still probably the rig for you if recording sound is essential – the ultra360 is made to always encase your cameras in their waterproof housings.  What you get for this tradeoff is not having to ever adjust camera alignment – pop them in, snap ’em shut, and go.  Plus the ruggedness that only comes from the OEM-spec waterproof housings.  The most exciting footage tends to come from wet and/or dusty environments, and they present no challenge with this rig.


Base price includes the rig and backplates compatible with the GoPro Hero4/Hero3+ and SJ4000.  No housings are included – you remove your factory backplates and snap on your waterproof housings.  We do offer ready-to-use versions, add $100 for GoPro and $80 for SJ4000.  Since most buyers already have a waterproof housing for each of their cameras – but we do offer the rig with full housings.

Versions of this product including clear housings:

Ultra360 with GoPro Hero3+/4 Housings

Ultra360 with SJCam/SJ4000-style Housings

This product IS NOT compatible with the larger, 60m dive housings.  If you need to go deeper than 30m, we have 6-camera rigs that will accomodate your dive housings.  We also have a 10-camera QD rig that is coming soon.  6 cam rig here

Here is an example of a complex scene from a stitching standpoint, that was no problem using this rig along with Autopano Giga